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Concrete Mattresses

Concrete MattressesConcrete mattresses provide a recognised engineering solution for several of the challenges faced in subsea pipeline construction, umbilical deployment and seabed and soil protection/stabilisation. They are cost effective and may be readily deployed using standard handling systems.

Typically, concrete mattresses may be used to provide :-

• Protection from dropped objects
• Added weight and stabilisation
• Protection from Trawl Boards
• Scour prevention
• Crossover support and separation for pipelines and umbilicals
• Supports or foundations for other subsea activities
• Riverbank erosion control

SPS manufacture a range of standard mattresses, but will also design and manufacture mattresses to a client’s specific requirement. Quality and safety are the key issues in all SPS designs and appropriate safety factors are applied to address lifting and handling in an offshore environment.

Concrete Matresses Options

Concrete Density 

The density of concrete used in the manufacture of standard mattresses, is generally between 2.3 and 2.5 Tonnes per cubic metre. Under certain conditions where there may be a requirement for additional, or less weight in a mattress (or other SPS Products), SPS can design and supply a concrete mix with a higher or lower density than the standard.

Protection Pads

Under certain operating conditions SPS clients require a low friction or anti abrasion material between the concrete mattress and the asset, that it may be stabilising or protecting. SPS can provide this by affixing a range of materials to its mattress segments.

Fronded Concrete Mattresses   

Concrete Mattresses

The Anti Scour Frond Mattress (right) may be deployed directly into its location, or alternatively attached to and deployed together with a concrete mattress. This latter method simplifies deployment and provides additional protection and stabilisation.

General Options

SPS engineering and experience is available to address any particular requirements that clients may have for special mattress designs and modifications.